Suicide Slum

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Suicide Slum

Officer Harper and the boys of Suicide Slum circa the 1940s

"Suicide Slum" is an impoverished urban neighborhood first introduced as a part of "York City" and home of the original Newsboy Legion and the Guardian (Star Spangled Comics No. 7, Apr 1942: "Introducing the Newsboy Legion with the Guardian"). (For further information on these persons, see the Newsboy Legion and the Golden Guardian)

By the 1970s, the area is firmly established as a location in Metropolis and is a dangerous place preyed upon by organized crime such as The 100. In addition to Superman and the Golden Guardian, Rose and the Thorn (SGLL No. 105, Oct 1970: "Night of the Thorn, Day of the Rose!") and Black Lightning (BL No. 1, Apr 1977: "Black Lightning!") help to battle crime in "Suicide Slum".

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