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The "monstrous" Adonis created by Bizarro as a horror movie star.

Fetching an ape-like caveman from a distant planet, Bizarro exposes the beast to his "imperfect duplicator ray machine," slightly modified "so monster am not Bizarro." The result: a handsome, polite, and blond-haired young man who horrifies most of the hideous occupants of Htrae. When imperfect duplicates of Lana Lang and Lucy Lane refuse to star alongside Sapollo, Bizarro turns to an insane Bizarro-Lois:

    "Me got her from Bizarro Insane
    Asylum! She am imperfect Bizarro who got
    twisted mind and don't think like us! To
    her poor thing ... monster look good!"

The insane Bizarro Lois falls in love with Sapollo and Bizarro is able to finish filming his masterpiece. Unfortunately, Sapollo's visage proves so horrible to the rest of the Bizarros that the film is unwatchable. Warned by the insane Bizarro Lois that a mob of Bizarros intends to destroy him, Sapollo flees to Bizarro Number One's "desert sanctum," where he is magically rescued by Mr. Bizarro Kltpzyxm, the Bizarro-Mxyzptlk, who merges Sapollo with his "former self," the alien caveman. When the caveman subsequently goes on an unending rampage throughout the Bizarro world, the population is elated, thanking Bizarro for blessing them with a "good neighbour" (Adv No. 292/2, January 1962: "Bizarro Creates a Monster!").

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