Robin (Jason Todd)

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Robin (Jason Todd)

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In reality Jason Todd, he is the second of the Batman's youthful crimefighting partners to go by the name Robin, following Dick Grayson.

In 1985, on Superman's birthday, the second Robin accompanies Batman to the Fortress of Solitude to bring the Man of Steel a present: a new breed of rose named after Krypton.

After meeting Wonder Woman at the entrance to the Fortress, the trio finds Superman in a catatonic state with the Black Mercy embedded in his chest - the work of the galactic despot Mongul. Mongul
engages Wonder Woman in a prolonged battle while Batman struggles mightily to extricate the Black Mercy from Superman's chest.

Eventually, Batman frees his Kryptonian friend from the Black Mercy that but not before it had created a realistic simulation of Kal-El's life as it might have been if Krypton had never exploded in Superman's unconscious mind.

An enraged Superman faces Mongul, as Robin frees Batman from the Black Mercy that attaches itself onto his chest! Robin is able to drop the Black Mercy onto Mongul from a hole in the ceiling above the alien's head, ending the confrontation (SA No. 11, 1985: "For the Man Who Has Everything").

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