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Proy II is a Protean creature from the same planet in the Antares system that Proty (I) hails from and is a member of the Legion of Super-Pets. Telepathic and protoplasmic like all members of his race, Proty II has the power to change his shape at will to any form he chooses.

In November 1963, when Saturn Woman poses as the enchantress Circe as part of Superman's plan to defeat the Superman Revenge Squad, Proty II aids in the impersonation by molding his "protoplasmic body" around Superman's face and assumes, in turn, the form of a lion's head and then that of a mouse's head to make it appear that Circe has used her legendary powers to give the Man of Steel different heads (S No. 165/1: pts I-II --"Beauty and the Super-Beast"; "Circe's Super-Slave").

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