Power Girl (Lois Lane)

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Power Girl (Lois Lane)

See also: Power Girl of Earth-2

In November 1958, after being knocked unconscious by a fall from a building ledge, Lois Lane is rushed to Metropolis Hospital, where, weak from shock and in a delirium, she has a startling dream.

In it, an emergency transfusion of Superman’s blood restores her to perfect health and endows her with super-powers identical to Superman’s; after donning a red wig to conceal her true identity and fashioning a distinctive green and yellow costume, Lois christens herself Power Girl and allies herself with Superman in his battle against injustice; and finally, when Clark Kent is injured in an explosion at a power plant, Lois gives him a transfusion of her own super-blood... thereby endowing Kent with super-powers and fashions him a Power-Man costume modeled after her own, but Kent proves timid and inept, even with super-powers, and ultimately, as Power-Man, he commits an idiotic blunder that betrays his secret identity to the entire world. Moments later, however, Lois awakens to discover that her acquisition of super-powers and the events that followed it were only part of an elaborate dream (S No. 125/1: "Lois Lane's Super-Dream!").

The story is in many respects similar to Action Comics No. 60 (May 1943: Lois Lane... Super-Woman!). (See Superwoman (Lois Lane)) (TGSB)

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