The Positive Man

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The Positive Man

A giant space-faring creature "composed entirely of positive ions." According to Supergirl, he is

    a destructive force which was once ... human!
    That mind-tape revealed he was once an alien 
    scientist who blew up his planet while
    creating a Doomsday bomb!  The explosion
    transformed him into this terrible menace!
    Envious of all life, he roams the cosmos,
    jealously destroying inhabited worlds!

Supergirl is summoned to the 30th Century by the Legion of Super-Heroes in April 1962 to battle the Positive Man. By luring a giant bird known as the Negative Creature, a product of the same doomsday explosion, into the vicinity of the Positive Man, Supergirl ensures that both creatures disappear, essentially cancelling each other out. (Act No. 287: "Supergirl's Greatest Challenge")

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