Perry White, Jr.

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Perry White, Jr.

The cocky young journalism-school graduate, who is the son of Daily Planet editor Perry White and his wife Alice White. Perry White, Jr. has two brothers: Hank White and Will White.

In September 1956, Perry White, Jr., launches his journalistic career as a fledgling reporter for the Daily Planet, certain that, despite his lack of experience, he is capable of teaching the paper’s veteran reporters some tricks of the trade. Complications arise for Superman when a series of coincidences combine to convince the overeager young reporter that Clark Kent is secretly the notorious Mr. Wheels, while at the same time preventing Kent from revealing the truth without risking the betrayal of his dual identity.

Ultimately, however, Superman’s heroic efforts bring about the capture of Mr. Wheels and his henchmen by the Metropolis police, and Perry White, Jr., comes to realize that he misjudged Clark Kent and that he still has a great deal to learn about the profession of journalism. (S No. 108, Sep 1956: "Perry White, Jr., Demon Reporter!")

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