Olsen-Robin Team

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First Olsen-Robin Team appearance Art by Curt Swan & Geo. Klein

Like their mentors, Jimmy Olsen and Robin often combine forces in the cause of solving mysteries and fighting crime.

In May 1964, Jimmy Olsen and Robin help Superman and Batman apprehend a pair of criminals who have kidnapped a prominent physicist and stolen his newly invented "invisibility de-visors" so that they can use the devices to render themselves invisible while they commit crimes (WF No. 141, May 1964: "The Olsen-Robin Team versus "The Superman-Batman Team!").

In February 1965, Superman and Batman struggle to aid Robin and Jimmy Olsen, whose minds have been taken over and possessed by some weirdly glowing jewels from a distant planet (WF No. 147: “The New Terrific Team!” and ““The Doom of Jimmy Olsen and Robin!”). In this same adventure, The Olsen-Robin team attain a secret head-quarters which they call The Eyrie.

In June 1966, Jimmy Olsen and Robin are trapped within one of three bottle-sized cities of criminals shrunken by Brainiac A, a law-abiding version of the dreaded super-villain Brainiac, and Superman and Batman must learn which bottle contains them in order to free their best pals(WF No. 158: “The Three Bottles of Danger” and “Brainiac and the Bottled Brigands”).

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