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Mr. Mind (of Earth-S)


An evil alien that has bedevilled the Marvel Family of Earth-S since the 1940s, Mr. Mind is a worm from a distant planet. Mr. Mind possesses extraordinary mind powers which allow him to control the minds of others. Mr. Mind uses a special amplifier that he wears around his body and uses it to talk to other beings not of his species (first appearance: [as a radio voice only] Captain Marvel Adventures No. 22, Mar 1943: "The Monster Society of Evil Ch. 1: The Pearl of Peril"; and Captain Marvel Adventures No. 26, Aug 1943: "The Monster Society of Evil Ch. 5: Marvel Meets Mr. Mind").

Despite his diminutive size, Mr. Mind is a master manipulator and leader who easily commands the respect of powerful associates like Dr. Thaddeus Bodog Sivana and Black Adam as part of various incarnations of the Monster Society of Evil.

Although the Marvel Family is the primary focus of the worm's enmity, Mind has targeted Superman as well in association with the Kryptonian's enemies such as Lex Luthor (Shazam! No. 15 Nov-Dec 1974: "Captain Marvel Meets Lex Luthor"), and Mr. Mxyzptlk (DCCP No. 33, May 1981: "Man and Supermarvel!" and DCCP No. 34, Jun 1981: "The Beast-Man That Shouted "Hate" at the Heart of the U.N.!").

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