Monster League of Evil

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A fantastic quartet of malevolent creatures who bear a striking resemblance to idealized versions of Dracula, the Wolfman, the Mummy and the Frankenstein Monster, who have appeared in various classic Hollywood horror films. However, these creatures are real, and have actual magically-based abilites based on the powers of their cinematic counterparts. The origin of the Monster League of Evil was never revealed, but they are known to be perennial enemies of Captain Thunder, whom they have fought across 1,953 different dimensions. Captain Thunder finally managed to imprison the Monster League in a misty, purgatory-like realm where they apparently could do no further harm, but not before they placed a curse on the Captain that would eventually force him to commit acts of evil when he next assumed his heroic guise. As far as is known, the Monster League remains imprisoned in the shadowy dimension where Captain Thunder left them. Whether or not the Monster League was responsible for Captain Thunder's unplanned arrival on mainstream Earth where he encountered Superman is open to speculation (S No. 276, Jun. 1974: "Make Way for Captain Thunder").

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