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Mary Marvel (of Earth-S)

Mary Marvel of Earth-S. Art by Jack Binder, 1945.

Mary Marvel (actual name Mary Batson Bromfield) is the twin sister of Billy Batson, who was adopted and raised by the Bromfield family (first appearance: Captain Marvel Adventures No. 18, Dec 1942: "Captain Marvel Introduces Mary Marvel"). Mary Marvel is part of the Marvel Family of the parallel Earth known as Earth-S, along with Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel, Jr. , Uncle Marvel, and Hoppy the Marvel Bunny.

In 1954, Mary, along with the rest of the Marvel Family and their assorted friends and allies, became trapped inside a substance called "suspendium", a substance invented by the villain Doctor Sivana. However, Sivana becomes trapped inside the suspendium as well, with all held in suspended animation for several decades, until freed by Captain Marvel (Shazam! No. 1/2, Feb 1973).

Mary Marvel first meets Superman during a battle against Marvel Family foe King Kull, which also involved the Justice League of America of Earth-1 and the Justice Society of America of Earth-2 (Justice League of America Nos. 135-137, Oct-Dec 1976).


Upon speaking the word "SHAZAM", Mary gained the powers of various ancient goddesses, with similar abilities as those of Captain Marvel, including vast superhuman strength, superspeed, and flight; the word "SHAZAM" stood for the first letter of the name of each deity Mary gained powers from, and consisted of:

  • Selena: Grace
  • Hippolyta: Strength
  • Ariadne: Skill
  • Zephyrus: Speed
  • Aurora: Beauty
  • Minerva: Wisdom

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