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A lovely red-haired criminal from the year 2958, and a direct descendant of Lana Lang.

Lorac-K7 first comes to Superboy's attention when, in his secret identity of Clark Kent, he is contacted by Inspector Edaw-8 of Scotland Yard, who informs him that a criminal named Lorac-K7 has escaped to the past in a stolen time globe to steal a supply of the mineral cobalt, which is outlawed in the future due to it's usage as a destructive weapon component. Edaw-8 informs the Boy of Steel that Lorac-K7 knows his secret identity and is disguised as someone he knows. The inspector informs Superboy that Lorac-K7 must be stopped at all costs from bringing the outlawed cobalt back to the future, and that the criminal must be defeated before 5:00 pm or the criminal will be trapped in the 20th century permanantly.

Throughout the day Superboy protects Smallville's various supplies, preventing several attempted thefts, and in the process he suspects numerous Smallville residents of being Lorac-K7, including his father Jonathan Kent, Professor Lewis Lang, his school principal, and even the mayor. Finally, Superboy realizes that Lorac-K7 is disguised as Lana Lang, correctly reasoning this because she was at all of the theft attempts, and she did not once during the day accuse Clark Kent and Superboy of being one and the same. Capturing Lorac-K7, Superboy sends her back to the future without any cobalt (Adv No. 250/1, Jul 1958: "The Imposter from the Year 2958").

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