Lana Lang of Earth-2

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Lana Lang (of Earth-2)

The Earth-2 Lana Lang, 1980.

Television critic for the Metropolis Daily Star in the 1950s on the parallel Earth known as Earth-2. Lang arrives in Metropolis seeking a job working for Clark Kent, editor of the Daily Star. Kent is the adopted son of the late John Kent, an old friend of Lana Lang's father. Clark Kent is also secretly Superman (SF No. 203/2, Sep/Oct 1980: "The Critic Killer"). Some time after joining the staff of the Daily Star, Lana Lang becomes possessed by an ancient Egyptian scarab brooch which temporarily transforms her into the villainous Insect Queen. Insect Queen is briefly manipulated into an alliance with Superman's longtime enemy the Ultra-Humanite (SF No. 213/2, Dec 1981: "Queen of the Insect World"; SF No. 214/2, Jan 1982: "Horde of the Insect Queen"; SF No. 215/2, Feb 1982: "Beware of the Ultra-Ant").

(See also Lana Lang)

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