Krypton Kid

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Krypton Kid

The Krypton Kid

A Kryptonian teenager, whose real name is Zar-Al. He is sent to Earth in a time-ship by his father, the scientist Zol-Zu, who had been alerted by Jor-El of the impending doom of Krypton and wants his son to retrieve zeelium, which would "prevent the uranium core of Krypton from exploding."

Upon arriving on Earth, Zar-Al encounters Superboy, who assists him in trying to locate the needed element, but to no avail. Zar-Al later claims to find zeelium "hidden under deep layers of ocean ooze," but it is only a ruse to keep the Boy of Steel from preventing him from returning home to Krypton to "stand by his father's side when the end came" (Adv No. 242, Nov 1957: "The Kid from Krypton!").

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