Jor-L of Krypton-2

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Jor-L (of Krypton-2)

Jor-L meets Kal-L! From the newspaper comic strip, 1939. Art by Joe Shuster.

The Kryptonian scientist who is the husband of Lora, and father of Kal-L, aka Superman in the universe containing Earth-2 and Krypton-2. Both Jor-L and Lora die when their planet explodes (Act No. 484, Jun 1978: "Superman Takes a Wife!"; Secret Origins No. 1, Apr 1986: "The Secret Origin of the Golden Age Superman"; and others). Since Power Girl's father, Zor-L, was Jor-L's brother, Jor-L was therefore Power Girl's uncle (Showcase No. 97, Feb 1978).

(See also Jor-El)

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