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Superman meets He-Man


The guardian of Eternia and chief member of the Masters of the Universe. Brave, muscular, and skilled with a sword, He-Man has twice aided Superman against his own archenemy, Skeletor. Little is known about He-Man, except that his mother was a traveling earth-woman, and that she previously recounted tales of Superman's exploits to him. He seems to take orders from the divine Sorceress living in Castle Grayskull, and is secretly Prince Adam of Eternia (DCCP No. 47, Jul 1982: "From Eternia--with Death!").

He-Man has appeared in the following Superman Chronicles

  • (DCCP No. 47, Jul 1982: "From Eternia--with Death!")
  • (Act No. 537/2, Nov 1982: "Fate Is the Killer!")

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