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aka Dru-Zod (General)

Kryptonian general who, prior to the destruction of the planet Krypton, used a duplicator ray to create a private army of imperfect duplicate robots, similar in appearance and speech pattern to the later Bizarros created on Earth, to assist him in his attempt to overthrow the government of Krypton and make himself dictator. (Adv No. 283/1, Apr 1961: "The Phantom Superboy!")

Zod earned his promotion to General for preventing Zo-Mar from taking Fort Rozz and enslaving Krypton. (DCCP No. 84, Aug 1985: "Give Me Power... Give Me Your World!")

While still the Military Director (S No. 233/2, Jan 1971: "Jor-El's Golden Folly!") of "the Kryptonian Space Center," Zod met a promising young scientist named Jor-El, not yet father of Superman, who was just joining the staff. General Zod welcomed him with, "A young man with your talents can make quite a name for himself in rocketry!" (WK No. 1, Jul 1979: "The Jor-El Story!")

Presumably, his role at the Space Center was insufficient for the ambitious General, who decided to populate Krypton with emotionless robot duplicates of himself. Each of the duplicates "emerged from Zod's machine an imperfect duplicate of himself!" wanting to "...overthrow Krypton! Make General Zod dictator!"

After the failed attempt, the jury at his trial condemned Zod to spend 40 years in the Phantom Zone for his crimes (Adv No. 283/1: "The Phantom Superboy!").

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