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A red-haired, teenage sorcerer with pointed ears who Superboy encounters on three separate occasions, the first two when the Boy of Steel is known as Superbaby and Garok goes by the name Gary the Witch-Boy (for example, SB No. 178/3, Oct 1971: "Superbaby's First Friend"; SB No. 187/2, Jun 1972, "The Return of Superbaby's Pal").

Several years after these adventures when both are toddlers, Garok returns, now a full-fledged sorcerer, having been warned by his aged master of an impending doom he must prevent and that he will battle his one-time friend, Superboy.

At this time, Superboy is summoned to Tibet by his friend Professor Lewis Lang, who is on an archaeological expedition in the Kunlun Mountains. Lang had discovered some months before that a highly advanced civilization had once existed at this location, and he asks Superboy to assist him in his excavations by battling a large, griffin-like monster that appears to be guarding the entrance of a small cave. Agreeing to help his friend, Superboy battles the griffin, and after defeating the monster in a pitched battle, it is revealed that the creature had been guarding a large, golden egg-shaped artifact, which Professor Lang takes into his custody.

Garok, watching this series of events from his secret sanctum with his magic, makes the realization that the scientists have not in fact uncovered some fantastic treasure, but in actuality have stumbled upon the secret haven of an Undying One, and the egg-shaped treasure is a cocoon "pulsating with pure, unbridled mystic power—enough to humble the universe!" Realizing that this is the danger that his aged master warned him of, Garok sets out for Smallville, noting that as long as the cocoon is under the protection of Superboy, he and his former friend will be the deadliest of foes.

Returning Professor Lang home to Smallville, Superboy notices that his friend has become somewhat erratic, as if the artifact has some strange hold over him. However, Superboy does not have time to investigate this situation, as he has to return to the Lang home as Clark Kent and assist his friends in Lana Lang's election bid for school class president.

While Superboy is otherwise occupied with election preparations, Garok arrives at the edge of town and causes a small disaster to occur at the Smallville Utility Co., setting their generator on fire with his magic. His hope is to avoid battling his childhood friend by diverting Superboy from stopping him in his task with a series of emergencies.

Pete Ross, noticing the sirens heading towards the fire, enables Clark to slip away and switch to Superboy. Arriving at the fire, Superboy handily extinguishes the blaze within a few moments, and upon returning to the Lang home, discovers that his friends have been turned into living plant creatures and Garok is attacking Professor Lang in an attempt to steal the cocoon.

Superboy engages his friend, at first not realizing who he is, and a pitched battle between the two titans ensues. Gaining the upper hand, Superboy wraps Garok in his indestructible cape and questions the sorcerer about his intentions for the cocoon. Garok admits that he only wanted to destroy the cocoon with fire, as it would possess anyone who opened it, giving them the force to move entire galaxies, but not the ability to save their own soul. Working together, Superboy and Garok are able to prevent Professor Lang from opening the cocoon before it is too late, and using a combination of heat vision and magical fire, destroy the cocoon. Afterwards, the two heroes renew their friendship, and vow to "always be friends!" (SF No. 194/1, Apr 1979: "When the Sorcerer Strikes!").

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