Dolores Winters

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The "Evil Blazing" gaze of the Ultra-Humanite inside Dolores Winters.

Dolores Winters

Famous movie actress. In January 1940 Clark Kent and Lois Lane witness a filming inside the Collossal Films Studios where Dolores is acting. After Clark foils an assassination attempt, she accepts an invitation to be interviewed, but by next evening refuses to talk to him.

Later, she announces she is quitting acting, as she has acquired enough money to meet her goals. At a retirement party on her private yacht she kidnaps a number of celebrities, kills one in cold blood, and broadcasts her ransom demands via the ship's radio. Tracing the five million dollars asked for ransom to a submarine, Superman finds Dolores and recognizes the Ultra-Humanite's "evil blazing" gaze in her eyes. It seems that when the Ultra-Humanite was killed during his last encounter with the Man of Steel, his assistant revived him "via adrenalin". Because the Humanite's recovery is temporary, he captures Dolores Winters "and places [his] mighty brain in her young vital body." He manages to escape underwater (Act No. 20, Jan 1940).

(see Ultra-Humanite of Earth-2)

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