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The World's Wickedest Scientist!

DCCPA No. 3 art by Gil Kane

Doctor Thaddeus Bodog Sivana is the most evil and mad scientist of Earth-S (first appearance: Whiz Comics No. 2, Feb 1940: "Introducing Captain Marvel")!

In 1984, when a massive robot begins to attack New York City, Superman appears to do battle with the robot. Using his X-ray vision Superman discovers that the robot is being controlled by Doctor Sivana. Superman defeats and destroys the robot; however, Doctor Sivana manages to escape capture and returns to Earth-S. When he arrives on Earth-S, he goes to the Rock of Eternity and manages to place the great wizard Shazam in a deep temporary trance.

Doctor Sivana flies over Fawcett City and makes an announcement that if Captain Marvel does not meet him in a duel, that Fawcett City would be vaporized. Upon hearing this horrible announcement, Billy Batson leaves radio station WHIZ, and says SHAZAM! However, Doctor Sivana uses a devilish machine to split the Billy Batson’s magic lightning bolt into two. One turns Billy Batson into Captain Marvel, the other fork hits Sivana and turns him into Captain Sivana! Captain Marvel battles Captain Sivana and Captain Marvel is defeated.

Captain Sivana then tries to escape with an unconscious Captain Marvel, but is pursued by Captain Marvel, Jr. and Mary Marvel, in order to distract them, he throws his ship at them, which allows him to escape to the Rock of Eternity with Captain Marvel.

At the Rock of Eternity, Sivana reveals his terrible secret, which is that he did not just take half of Captain Marvel’s powers, but all of the deities' better traits, leaving poor Captain Marvel with only their weak traits, which is why he was able to defeat him. He then traps the weakened Captain Marvel in a makeshift cave.

When Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel, Jr. finally arrive at the Rock of Eternity, Captain Sivana uses the combine intellect of his advance scientific brain and the Wisdom of Solomon to defeat them by tricking Captain Marvel, Jr. to fly into the future and Mary Marvel to go into the past. Captain Sivana is so proud of the fiendish feat that he promotes himself to Colonel Sivana, and now with Earth-S’s heroes defeated, he decides to defeat Superman on Earth-1 so that he cannot interfere in his ghastly plans of conquest.

Colonel Sivana attempts to travel to Earth-1 but he mistakenly arrives at Earth-2 instead, where the Daily Planet is replaced by the Daily Star. While there Colonel Sivana does battle with the Superman of Earth-2, and defeats him with ease. He then decides to chain the Earth-2 Superman to a massive Kryptonite meteor, grabs a small chuck for himself, and leaves him to die. After this great victory, Colonel Sivana promotes himself yet again, and now refers to himself as General Sivana.

Meanwhile, on Earth-1, Clark Kent and Lana Lang are preparing to tape that night’s WGBS News broadcast, when General Sivana crashes through the wall, "knocking out" Clark Kent in the process. General Sivana forces Lana Lang to send a broadcast to the people of Earth-1, that General Sivana is now the new ruler of Earth! Clark Kent of course was not really knocked out, changes to Superman, and begins to do battle with General Sivana. General Sivana is unable to get the upper hand on the more powerful Superman of this world, that is until he exposes Superman to the chuck of Kryptonite he took from Earth-2, and he begins to brutally beat up the weakened Superman.

Poor Captain Marvel has been watching all these events unfold but he has been unable to escape his prison. Suddenly Captain Marvel’s deities begin to communicate with him and inform him that his powers can never be fully taken away as long as he believes in himself. Therefore, after this pep talk, Captain Marvel finally breaks free of his prison and flies to Earth-1 to save Superman, who is nearly killed by General Sivana, until Captain Marvel saves the day. Captain Marvel tells Superman about the dying Superman of Earth-2 and Superman flies off to save his Earth-2 counterpart.

Due to the incredible shock waves caused by Captain Marvel’s mighty punches on General Sivana, the wizard Shazam is finally awakened from his slumber at the Rock of Eternity. After Shazam realizes what has been transpiring with Sivana, he strips him of all his magical powers and Sivana is then finally defeated by Captain Marvel. Soon thereafter, the Supermen of Earths 1 and 2 arrive on Earth-1 along with Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel, Jr., the two of whom take Sivana back to Earth-S to pay for his crimes. Superman of Earth-2 departs to Earth-2 and Captain Marvel and Superman bid each other farewell and shake hands before Captain Marvel returns to Earth-S (DCCPA No. 3, 1984: "With One Magic Word!").

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