Colonel Future of Earth-2

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Colonel Future of Earth-2

"If there's one person who can wipe out the Man of Tomorrow, it's Colonel Future!" Image by Kurt Shaffenberger.

The Earth-2 criminal gang-leader who uses super-scientific weapons to commit his crimes.

Colonel Edmond H. Future is the "mastermind of the leading crime syndicate in Metropolis," alternately referred to as the "Colonel Future Mob" (SF No. 198/2, Nov-Dec 1979: "The Leaning Tower of Metropolis") and the "CF Gang" which "uses spies to steal top-secret blueprints and models from scientific institutes and research labs which their highly skilled engineers turn into elaborate devices for committing crimes" (SF No. 220/4, Jul 1982: "Where Off Earth Are You From?").

Col. Future is the sworn enemy of the Superman of Earth-2 and has attempted his destruction on several occasions.

Determined to halt the interference of Superman in his criminal enterprises, Col. Future enlists the aid of the Wizard, a powerful magician who casts a spell on the Man of Steel, causing him to vanish for an entire year (Act No. 484, Jun 1978: "Superman Takes a Wife!").

Subsequently, members of the CF Gang disguised as movers make a series of assassination attempts on the newly married Clark and Lois Kent as they settle into their new apartment. Held at gunpoint by the gang, Lois quickly thinks up a ruse to allow her husband to reveal himself as Superman and defeat the gang without jeopardizing his secret identity (S No. 327/2, Sep 1978: "Two Can Die as Cheaply as One").

Undeterred, Colonel Future next uses stolen technology to endanger the staff of the Daily Star by altering the physical nature of the Star building, only to be handily defeated by Superman (SF No. 198/2, Nov/Dec 1979: "The Leaning Tower of Metropolis").

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