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Art by Swan & Klein


According to Action Comics No. 243, the legendary enchantress Circe was herself a native of the planet Krypton. She gives Superman an evolution serum, transforming him partially into a lion (Aug 1958: "The Lady and the Lion").

In November 1963, with the aid of Proty II, Saturn Woman poses as the enchantress Circe as part of Superman’s plan to defeat the Superman Revenge Squad (S No. 165/1: pts. I-II—"Beauty and the Super-Beast!"; "Circe’s Super-Slave").

Apparently Circe was also active in the time of the ancients Greeks, she is responsible for changing Biron the centaur into a horse and later giving him super-powers as Comet the Super-Horse (S No. 176/1, Apr 1965: "The Revenge of the Super-Pets!").

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