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The Changeling

Formerly known as Beast Boy of the original Doom Patrol (first appearance: (as Beast Boy) The Doom Patrol No. 99/2, Nov 1965: "The Beast Boy!"); (as the Changeling) (in a dream sequence) DCCP No. 26/2, Oct 1980: "Where Nightmares Begin!"), (in the flesh) The New Teen Titans No. 1, Nov 1980: "The New Teen Titans"). Green-skinned Garfield Logan has the power to change into any animal lifeform (albeit also green in appearance) while retaining his normal intelligence and the ability to speak. Member of the Teen Titans. In August 1983, the Changeling and the rest of the Titans help Superman and the Justice League of America battle Brainiac (Act No. 546: "Showdown").

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