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The original Bizarro.

The "bizarre creature", created by Professor Dalton, which is an "imperfect duplicate" of Superboy. In a text for October 1958, Smallville scientist Professor Dalton summons Superboy to his laboratory to see a new invention—a matter-duplicating ray with which the professor hopes to duplicate radium. However, the scientist's experiments go wrong. Every duplicate produced by the ray is somehow imperfect. After several failed attempts, Prof. Dalton and Superboy are ready to admit failure, when Superboy accidentally knocks over the ray machine. This creates an imperfect duplicate of him! This strange creature overhears Superboy calling him "bizarre" and names himself "Bizarro". After befriending a blind girl named Melissa, who is the only resident of Smallville who is not afraid of him, Bizarro tries to act as a stand-in for Superboy. Failing at this and inadvertently causing trouble wherever he goes, Bizarro is finally destroyed by Superboy using the metallic rubble from the duplicator ray, which acts as a sort of "kryptonite" to the poor creature. The resulting destruction of the creature sends out waves of force that, in some inexplicable way, was able to restore the blind girl's sight (SB No. 68: "The Boy of Steel Versus the Thing of Steel").

Although this article refers to the creature as "Bizarro-Superboy", he is referred to in the text simply as "Bizarro". This is to distinguish this original Bizarro from the more familiar creature created by Lex Luthor in July 1959 (Act No. 254/1: "The Battle with Bizarro"). (See Bizarro)

The 30th Century Bizarro-Superboy

Over a thousand years later, another Bizarro-Superboy comes to Earth from Htrae, the Bizarro World, in order to join the Legion of Super-Heroes. Following his rejection on the basis of not possessing any powers that are not duplicates of Superboy's, Bizarro-Superboy forms the Legion of Stupor-Bizarros (Adv No. 329/1, Feb 1965: "The Bizarro-Legion!").

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