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Alvin Grant

The husband of Loretta York Grant, a smalltown girl from the small town of Apple Creek, Oregon, who is also the Yellow Peri. Alvin is also a small-time con man who only married her " win a bet..."

When the magic book that Loretta had previously used in her teenaged years as the Yellow Peri (the book that had been previously tossed into outer space by Superboy) crashes through the roof of their home, it again transforms his wife into the Yellow Peri. Alvin, always looking to make a fast and easy dollar, sees the book as a sure-fire way to con others out of their money and decides to cash in on his wife's powers.

Alvin convinces his wife to use her magical powers to clean up town after town by removing all of the dirt and grime seemingly forever. Unfortunately, Loretta's magic, again running true to form, backfires and only moves the dirt and grime to another town. Alvin, also acting true to form, theorizes what would happen, and just moves himself and Loretta from town to town to perform the task over and over. This scheme is halted by the timely intervention of Superboy, now known as Superman (Act No. 559, Sept 1984: "The Once and Future Peri").

Some time later, when Alvin and Loretta are promoting a vacation development in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania. Alvin has convinced Loretta to use her powers to make the property better than it was and, again, his scheme backfires. Her magic, now out of control, the Yellow Peri is once again aided by Superman, who stops the destructive magic by encasing the magic book in lead, this also seems to rob Loretta and Alvin of their knowledge of the Yellow Peri. However, when last seen, Loretta is still in possession of the lead-encased magic tome (Act No. 567, May 1985: "Peri(l) in Paradise")

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