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For other uses of the term Achilles, see Achilles (disambiguation)


Achilles circa 1950

The alias employed by a modern-day criminal, one foot encased in a heavy lead box for the ostensible protection of his Achille's heel, who establishes himself as the leader of a gang of Metropolis bank robbers by claiming to possess the near-invincibility of his ancient namesake--the result, he claims, of having been dipped, at infancy, in a fountain of "magic water" from the River Styx--and by demonstrating his apparent invulnerability to their tommy guns, knives, axes, and crowbars. In reality, however, Achilles is merely an ordinary criminal, and the lead box covering his foot merely the housing for "a powerful anti-magnet device" capable of repelling "all metal objects," thereby rendering Achilles invulnerable to all metal weapons. Aided by members of the Metropolis Police Department, Superman apprehends Achilles and his cohorts in October 1961 (S No. 148/1: "The 20th Century Achilles!"). The story is in many respects similar to Superman No. 63/1 (Mar/Apr 1950: "Achilles 'versus' Superman!"). (See John Achilles.) (TGSB)

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